29 June 2008


I didn't bother going out and fork over P500 to watch Lethal Combination: Pacquiao vs Diaz at SM City-Iloilo because not only that the mud from the monster flood that hit Iloilo City nine days ago was still four inches thick outside our house, but I could also watch the whole thing anyway inside my room--live online via PLDT myDSL.

Well, it was what every Filipino boxing fan expected: Manny Pacquiao will knock out David Diaz and will take home the World Boxing Council lightweight championship title.

And in fact he did, exactly at 36 seconds remaining in the ninth round via a mean left hook on Diaz' left lower jaw that sent him down to the canvass, face first. 

Right from the onset, it was evident that Diaz was totally outclassed by Pacquiao. He couldn't just keep up with the latter's freakish combination of power and speed, and appeared like a complete patsy on slow motion against the Filipino.
Despite the gaping cut in his right eye, the blood-soaked Diaz had the heart to continue (when he could easily tell his corner to just throw in the towel, get an ambulance, and watch Conan O'Brien in his hospital bed).

Unfortunately, it wasn't like in the
Rocky movies where grit alone overcomes natural talent, killer hand speed, brutal punching power, and baffling lateral movement. In real life, it doesn't and it can't.
With this recent victory, Pacquiao has become the only Asian fighter to win four major titles in four different weight classes.
Wala kang katulad, Manny!

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Lucy said...

You're right. He IS something else. I get goosebumps thinking about how proud he's making everybody. Long live manny!