19 March 2010


Any mundane object that can be turned into an instant weapon during assaults is a great equalizer (and a life saver)--especially against a male assailant.

With the right mindset and training, almost anything (almost!) that can be found inside a woman's purse is a potential weapon:
  • Keys.
  • Lipstick tube/case.
  • Pen light.
  • Ballpoint pen.
  • Felt-tip pen/marker.
  • Cellphone.
  • Toothbrush. 
  • Perfume/cologne bottle. 
  • Hairbrush. 
  • Paper-and-binder personal organizer. 
  • Folding umbrella. 
  • Beverage tumbler. 
The question is, do you or would you know how to use any of these to your advantage when the need arises?

These weekend workshops will NOT transform you and your friends into Charlie's Angels, but--at the end of the session--each one should be able to:
  • LEARN simple, non-flowery but incapacitating strikes to strategic body parts (either with or without makeshift weapons).
  • DEVELOP acceptable speed in delivering such strikes (which you can further enhance by practicing them regularly, even on your own).
  • TRANSFORM a long umbrella, tennis/badminton racket, rolled newspaper, culinary spatula, and similar objects into an effective self-defense tool using Arnis/Kali/Eskrima techniques.
  • PERFORM helpful drills that you and/or your friends can practice to improve reflex and develop muscle memory.
  • BUILD awareness of and common sense against impending attacks.
  • DISCOVER instant "life-saving interventions" (which more organized schools will teach you only after many months or even years). 
Preferred participants are health professionals, media correspondents, call center employees, students, and the like who are based in the province and the city of Iloilo.

Appointments are open to at least a group of four participants.

For inquiries, please text or call +63946-871-2222 (Smart) or +63906-871-2222 (Globe).


Warrior In Scrubs is the former media and communications officer of the Gender-Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women (GREAT Women) Project, a capacity-development initiative funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and implemented locally by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), the national machinery for the advancement of women in the Philippines.

Now into nursing as his second career, Warrior In Scrubs uses his working knowledge in human anatomy and physiology in evolving women-friendly techniques that require minimum exertion but produce maximum results, particularly in self-defense situations. Warrior In Scrubs has more than 10 years of formal and informal martial arts training. His background includes blunt and bladed weaponry based in Arnis/Kali/Eskrima as well as eclectic empty-hand combatives influenced by Street MMA, Western Boxing, Kickboxing, and Aikido.

27 January 2010


I'm not particularly fond of pop songs--especially from singers like, uhm, Lady Gaga.

But I admittedly found myself humming and singing to this medley after just a few seconds of watching it.

The guys behind this well-arranged medley are Sam Tsui (on vocals) and Kurt Schneider (on guitar).

While writing this, I'm transferring the video below to my phone, so I could watch and listen to it again and also share it with my classmates later while we're on our way to Brgy Olo Barroc in Tigbauan, Iloilo for our community health nursing.

Check it out.

Tsui and Schneider previously did an impressive medley of Michael Jackson classics.

The latter--who usually provides accompaniment and arranges most of the
duo's songs--performed a nice medley of Miley Cyrus' popular singles for the piano.