13 March 2009


As a "second courser" nursing student, my remaining last four semesters in school will be very light and easy. Starting June this year, I will only have two subjects every semester.
I now want to work again (and earn) during my free time, which is and will be a lot.
But since I am now in Iloilo City, where it is relatively hard to find non-8-to-5 jobs, I thought I should post this self-serving ad here.
So, if you need--or know someone who needs--the following, please just refer to my CV below:

  • An advocacy/communications plan consultant/manager;
  • A project/business concept developer;
  • An IEC/promotional materials concept developer/designer;
  • An advertorial, position paper, and advocacy writer;
  • A press release writer (both for print and broadcast);
  • A speech writer;
  • A cartoonist and/or a book illustrator (for textbooks, children's books, IEC materials, and the like);
  • A company/organizational/school publications adviser/consultant (e.g., annual reports, newsletters, briefs for special projects/major programs, media kits, et cetera);
  • A proofreader (for dissertations, theses, research papers, manuscripts, IEC materials, important presentations, and others);
  • A block-time radio program host/anchor (in Iloilo City).

I prefer more output-based, short-term engagements--for obvious reasons.

You can contact me on these numbers:
  • +63946-871-2222 (Smart)
  • +63906-871-2222 (Globe)

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