01 July 2008


I hope the comparative list I've presented in the subsequent entries would prove useful especially to those who wish to return to school as "second coursers" in nursing (like myself) or to others who'll soon graduate in high school and, as early as now, are in the process of deciding as to which school they should enroll, in Iloilo City.

Back in mid-2007, when I was already planning to move back to my hometown
(I was still working in Metro Manila then) to become a full-time nursing student, I started googling for possible detailed lists of local nursing schools in Iloilo City.

What I just found, however, were a few articles mentioning these schools, their respective histories, and their passing percentage in the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exams.

Neither blogs and even the schools' websites themselves were of help. There wasn't any "second-courser-friendly" information at all for some of the commonest questions like: (1) whether or not this or that nursing school has a program for second coursers; (2) whether or not they have night classes for those who wish to hold down their day jobs; and (3) how much should one expect to fork out for school fees per semester.

In fact, because the schools' websites didn't really provide anything that I needed that time--plus the fact that most of them didn't bother to reply to my emails--I had to ask some friends who were already based in Iloilo City to phone these nursing schools for me (long-distance calls aren't cheap) and to ask particularly about their programs for second coursers, admission requirements, and the like.

Anyway, when I checked again recently, there's
still no such list available online. That's why I'm building one myself to spare you guys from all the hassles that I went through.

I've included
such information as the schools' complete addresses, contact numbers, email addresses, website URLs, own base hospitals, availability of second courser program, availability of night classes for second coursers, availability of master's degree program, school fees per semester, overall PNLE performance, and a few trivias.
So here it is, the comparative (and hopefully much better) list of the more established nursing schools in Iloilo City, for both would-be college students and "second coursers":

1. Central Philippine University
2. Iloilo Doctors' College
3. Saint Pauls' University of Iloilo
4. University of Iloilo
5. University of San Agustin
6. West Visayas State University

Photo Source: Central Philippine University Website


Anonymous said...

Hi there... couldn't remember how I got to your website :-)

have you started nursing school? I myself is a 2nd courser as well


Canadian college said...

Nice Post !

This can be very useful for students to get different information about nursing programs of different colleges & what kind of materials is used for nursing education.

Thanks !