17 July 2008


I'm a big fan of Manny Pacquiao, and I'm glad and thankful that he remembered Iloilo City during its downest moments by donating P1.5 million from his humongous fight purse (Was it $5 million or $3 million?) to help the Ilonggo flood victims, but I won't be amused or remain nonchalant if ever he'd mess up my own (future) church wedding by turning up there unexpectedly and uninvited--like what he did this morning today at the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral.
According to radio reports, the nuptial mass stopped for like half an hour when people (including the couple's relatives and guests) left the pews and--as if forgetting they were in the middle of the holy mass--screamed and cheered for Pacquiao, who, together with his wife, dropped by the church to supposedly hear mass before distributing relief goods to the flood victims.

Despite the
disruption of their wedding, the couple was reportedly amused--even flattered--that Pacquiao made their already-memorable day even more unforgettable. (To make it much, much more unforgettable, they might as well name their first-born "Manny" or "Emmanuel" if it's a boy or--God forbid--"Emmanuela" if it's a girl, and invite Pacquiao later to become the kid's godfather or ninong. Manny as ninong could mean lots of money for the kid during birthdays and Christmas.)

Me, I won't be amused or flattered or starstruck. I won't even allow it to happen in the first place--especially now that I realized it's not
really impossible to happen (that is, that some big shot would barge into my wedding, steal all my guests' attention, compel the priest to suspend the mass for half an hour, and just ruin all our preparations--unintentionally or otherwise.

Weddings are usually planned several months--even years--ahead (unless it's shotgun), and some couples (especially those from well-to-do families) fork out thousands of pesos for professional wedding planners just to ensure that the whole thing will be perfect and also to spare themselves from all the stress brought by the preparations.

I don't think I could afford a professional wedding planner now (unless he/she is a friend who's willing to do it for free), but a celebrity gate-crasher is definitely the last thing I'd want.


iloilo real estate said...

hehehe... he lived up with the monicker "The Destroyer"

marydane said...

Well if that was my wedding, I could never forgive him! I'm not a fan of Manny, though he made Filipinos proud of being so tough in boxing.

Anonymous said...

Private comment: The apostate is ready and WILLING to re-embrace Christianity for his “future” church wedding, eh?