14 July 2008


Today is the start of our prelim exams week.
Out of my five subjects this semester, only three of them will be having prelim exams. They are:
1. Anatomy and Physiology (Biological Science 2);
2. Health Care 1 with Related Learning Experience (Health 1N); and
3. Health Economics with Taxation and Land Reform (Economics 2).
The other two subjects are Strategies in Health Education (Health 3) and Art Appreciation with Environmental Beautification and Sanitation (Humanities 1).

My classmates in these two subjects almost jumped for joy after our teachers announced that they won't be giving exams
for now because they wanted us focus on our "more challenging subjects."

What I think is--knowing some of the teachers in school--they were probably just too lazy to prepare the test items.

Thanks anyway. At least I'd have extra time to surf and blog and chat a little during the week.

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