03 July 2008


I've been seeing streamers all over the city that say July is the Blood Donors' Month.

A small red cross usually appears on the left side of each of the streamers so I'd assume
the Philippine National Red Cross is spearheading the event. (I really haven't been able to take a closer look as I'm always on a speeding jeepney every time I see these streamers.)

he streamers say likewise that this year's theme is "Once is not enough! Donate blood regularly!" which sounds either too happy or as if trying to force someone.
I also think it's funny because the theme neither applies to me nor addresses non-donors like me.
I have never donated blood, not even once--although I seriously want to try it some time.

Photo Source: Gems Sty's Blog

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Tonette said...

i really would like to comment on this blog. I am a blood donor. I belive that you are a student nurse, you'll be able to understand this when you're already on your duties in a hospital. What they meant by once is not enough, is not that you are forced to donate, siguro mali lang ang pagkakaintindi mo. It's just that many patients are needing blood and a very few are donating. A person can donate every three months, provided that they are not sick (i.e. having a cold, cough, flu). Infos can be easily accessed nowadays with the height of the internet. Sana lang lahat ng healthy living na tao magkaroon ng time. Dami kasing factors why many people don't donate blood e. One is the fear of needles, another is it's new to them, others thought that they're not fit to do so. But come to think of it: Have you at least tried?