18 July 2008


I didn't expect that our exam in Anatomy and Physiology (Biological Science 2) would be that hard.

I know I'll pass, but I also have a strong ugly feeling that I won't be happy with my score.

As for my two other subjects, I think I did okay.

Results will be out either mid or late next week, unless the teachers will sleep on them again--like they always do to our lab manuals and some of our long quizzes.

I miss an ice-cold beer
and a full night's sleep.

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Mia said...

A neurosurgeon shared to us students one time, "One bottle of ice-cold beer is necessary to kick-start the creative juices and get the old brain working." Go ahead with the beer. And by the way, this neurosurgeon guy? He was class valedictorian, AND he placed 3rd overall in the national medical licensure exams.