30 July 2008


Let me just digress again by saying that Mrs Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is a lying shithead.
In her State of the Nation Address two days ago, she said: "Texting is a way of life. I asked the telecoms to cut the cost of messages between networks. They responded. It is now down to 50 centavos."

The people
believed her and rejoiced--I did, too--only to realize after that what our president told us wasn't true. 

We all thought that the price cut was for good and for real (she made it sound that way), and wasn't just some three-month promo of the telecommunications companies.

We all thought that
despite the "undernourishing effects" of 12% E-VAT on our favorite instant pancit canton, pandesal, and Jollibee products, we somehow had a reason to be thankful to our economist-president and to her administration.

Unfortunately for us, a text message still costs P1.00, unless we'd register with our respective network providers to avail of the promo--a very important information that Mrs Arroyo
deliberately omitted from her report.

As with her many previous boo-boos, she again just made an ass of herself and her administration with that bogus declaration, which (I think) could have stemmed from the fact that she had a very short list of more realistic, more honest accomplishments to brag about, which was why she pathetically included the supposed price cut on text messages that never happened. 

Mrs Arroyo has once again proven to us that "lying is a way of (her) life" and she indeed is one shameless liar, who couldn't quit issuing false promises and declarations just to make her administration appear pro-poor and graft-free and results-oriented.
Well, Mrs Arroyo, I hope you'd get to read this while you're eating polvoron: I won't mind if your next SONA would just be a five-minuter as long as every thing in it is true. I don't want another 57 minutes (the length of your recent SONA) of embellished "facts," more than half of which the people don't and can't see or feel in their everyday lives.

You might as well just shove that thick report up your tiny ass.


Mia said...

I didn't "rejoice", actually. I was watching her on tv when she gave this jovial smile, and then bragged about how she got the telecom companies to "lower" costs. haha, it was really silly, when in the end, they revealed that it was only a 90-day promo after all. Silly.

The only high point she could give was that, and it wasn't even something we could use. * sigh * i wish she had more to show.

however, i would have to say that even though she gave a crummy speech, she is not totally to blame for what is happening in our country. There are others to point fingers at too, she just happens to be the most visible among them.

piyomon said...

Who needs P0.50 text message when you can practically text for less with the permanent unlimited texting offers of network companies?

@Mia --> Well, it would seem that the people did not want her in that presidential seat in the first place. Remember, "Hello Garci?" You're sounding like her spokespersons, "Let the people be the judge [of GMA, not the surveys.]" (Well, are not people the respondents to these surveys?)

pchi said...

aba... galit si kuya...

ang puso niyo po...

i didn't actually believed it she she said that

i think, I haven't even used the promo

nag promo ba pati ang globe? sa chikka lang naman kasi ako madalas nagtetext eh

eh buti dun, free..

sa Pilipinas, talaga lahat ng bagay kalunos-lunos, nakakaloka, nakakawalang gana, parang wala ng pag-asa

i don't like gloria and i think she as well as a lot of other officials are corrupt, but i don't waste my time, complaining about her or the other politicians and their failures and uselessness whatsoever

nakakastress... di naman sila nagbabago... sana nga nabasa nila ito

ay, by the way pala... may tag ako sa yo


the_blacklotus said...

very informative blog!...and your strong opinions are admirable!...you will definitely be in my reading list from now on.

the spool artist said...

pre, maybe stockholder din si gloria sa smart, globe, sun, what-not! hahaha. great to bump into your blog! keep it up. will put you on my blog roll if you don't mind!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was just... inane. We have one of the lowest telecom rates in the world and we're still complaining? Jeeze, from the sound of your posts you'll jump on any excuse to rant against Arroyo.